Yellowtail’s curated atmosphere and sumptuous cuisine create a sensory-enriching experience perfect for a memorable night out. From the moment you arrive, it’s easy to see you’re in for something special. 

The elegant space has a lively vibe with stunning views of the Bellagio Fountains through expansive windows. 

In addition, Chef Akira Back is the winner of consecutive Michelin stars, so you can rest assured his inspired Japanese cuisine is out of this world.

Below you’ll find a complete review of Yellowtail’s offerings, and more so you know what to expect and can make the most of your visit.

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Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

The modern and eclectic Japanese cuisine at Yellowtail was inspired by Chef Akira Back’s Korean upbringing and global travels, so you can expect both familiar and innovative dishes. 

Their menu uses ingredients flown in fresh daily from the finest markets worldwide. 

The following sections explore the menu in detail so you can plan the ideal meal and ensure you take advantage of the most popular dishes.

The Menu at Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio

Yellowtail Restaurant Menu – Bellagio Las Vegas


The first section of Yellowtail’s menu features several soups, ideal for your first taste of the menu. 

The Spicy Miso with mixed seafood, Negi, and wakame seaweed is my recommendation. 

However, both the Clear with shrimp and shitake and the Miso with tofu and seaweed also make excellent choices. 

Cool Shared Plates 

A screenshot of various cool shared plates from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Next up on Yellowtail’s menu, you’ll find Cool Shared Plates. 

These dishes are also great as shared appetizers, and two house specialties fall under this category, Lobster Carpaccio and Akira Back Tuna Pizza. 

The former is served with sweet shaved onion, cilantro, and amazu ponzu, which brings out the delicate flavors of the meat.

A screenshot of various appetizers from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The pizza features micro shiso and truffle oil for a rich, unexpected flavor profile. If you want to indulge, I recommend the Toro Caviar. 

Warm Shared Plates 

Yellowtail’s Warm Shared Plates bring you classic Japanese starters like Gyoza and Mixed Tempura, perfect for sharing at the table. 

I recommend the Tempura Lobster with serrano pepper and sweet ponzu sauce.

A screenshot of various warm shared plates from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The Filet Mignon Toban with various mushrooms, garlic butter, and nanbanzu soy also makes an outstanding choice. 

For plant based-diets, the Grilled Eggplant Skewers and Crispy Tofu are must-try dishes.  


The entrees at Yellowtail are decadent, filling, and feature premium cuts of meat to ensure exceptional flavor. 

If you’re in the mood for steak, you have four outstanding choices: Braised Wagyu Beef Short Ribs, Black Angus Prime Ribeye, Surf N Turf, and a 55 oz Kagoshima A5 Wagyu. 

Just beware, the last option takes a little extra time to prepare. Other entrees include Jidori Chicken, Broiled Atlantic Black Cod, and Yuja Salmon.

A screenshot of various entrees from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.


The Omakase tasting menu provides you with the full Chef Akira Back experience. 

It comes with seven courses and showcases the kitchen’s best offerings, all while you simply sit back and enjoy. 

Subject to availability, it is an excellent way to see exactly why Chef Back is so highly awarded. 


For some extra veggies, add one of Yellowtail’s sides to your order. 

Whether you choose Potato Puree, Mushrooms, Baked Corn, or my favorite, Crispy Kimchi Brussel Sprouts, you can expect peak freshness and perfect flavor. 

Try one with your sushi or to supplement entrees or appetizers. 


Yellowtail’s salad options make great appetizers. 

While they have leafy options like Organic Field Greens and Seaweed Salad, they also have munchies like Edamame and Shishito Peppers. 

The House Pickles are a fan favorite; ask about their daily selection. 


A screenshot of various sushi rolls from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The Rolls section of the menu features classic handmade selections that people know and love. 

However, Yellowtail’s use of premium, fresh ingredients takes these classics to an elevated level. 

Top recommendations include Soft Shell Crab with spicy eel sauce, Shrimp Tempura, and Toro Scallion with bluefin tuna belly and green onion. 

Specialty Rolls 

Slightly more unique, the Specialty Rolls at Yellowtail are innovative and mouth-wateringly delicious. 

With several crab, shrimp, and salmon options, they’ve got all their bases covered.

A screenshot of various specialty sushi rolls from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

One of the most popular is the Happa with cajun spiced albacore and spicy aioli. The Mile High is also highly regarded and offers a wealth of explosive flavors. 

It is built with tempura crab, avocado, and asparagus, then topped with mixed sashimi and spicy ponzu aioli. 

Sushi / Sashimi 

A screenshot of various nigiri sushi from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Sushi and sashimi are staples of any Japanese menu, and at Yellowtail, their hand-rolled selection is out of this world.

They offer an array of crab, shrimp, fish, eel, squid, and urchin rolls to match every taste.

A screenshot of various sashimi from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Each of the selections can be constructed in the form of sushi with two pieces on rice or as sashimi with three sliced pieces. 

New Style Carpaccio 

Simple and flavorful, the New Style Carpaccio served at Yellowtail makes the perfect complement to any meal. 

Whether you choose Salmon, White Fish, Octopus, or Combo, they come beautifully garnished, and you can expect premium freshness for optimal taste in every bite. 


A screenshot of various desserts from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Make sure to save room for one of Yellowtail’s delectable desserts. From fruity to rich, they’ve got a sweet treat to pique every interest. 

For something more unique, try the Black & White Sesame Matcha Cake served with salted agave ice cream.

A screenshot of dessert dishes from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Or, for the utmost in decadence, try the Chocolate Chocolate Mousse Cake with tiramisu ice cream and edible soil.


A screenshot of various cocktails from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The bar at Yellowtail features an extensive list of sake, wine, whisky, and beer from around the world. 

They also serve avant-garde renditions of classic cocktails and unique specialty drinks like the Essence with vodka, white cranberry, and cucumber puree.

A screenshot of cocktail drinks and sake from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

While you really can’t go wrong with their curated list of delectable drinks, I recommend trying one of their sake selections.

They come in carafes and pair excellently with the Japanese cuisine on the menu.

Reservations at Yellowtail Restaurant

Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio uses the Sevenrooms restaurant reservation platform, making it easy for diners to find availability, make a reservation, receive confirmation, and edit or cancel a reservation if plans change. 

You can log into Sevenrooms using a Facebook or Google account or just make a reservation as a guest.

A Spirited Atmosphere with an Iconic View 

Yellowtail has a vibrant atmosphere and a warm, seductive vibe.

A screenshot of the dining areas, atmosphere, ambiance, decor, and views from the patio showing the Bellagio fountains at Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

After being greeted by a massive bronze sculpture of a yellowtail at the entrance, the space opens up and incorporates elegant stone and warm wood decor to create a comfortable and refined ambiance perfect for a fine dining experience.

In addition, the dining room is surrounded by panoramic views of the Bellagio Fountains, giving you an up-close view of the iconic Las Vegas installation while you dine. 

Things To Know About Yellowtail in the Bellagio Hotel 

Location: From the casino, take the right-hand path until you pass Hermes. Once you pass Lago & Le Cirque, Yellowtail will be on your right.

Hours of Operation: 

  • Sunday-Thursday – 5 PM-10 PM
  • Friday & Saturday – 5 PM-11 PM
  • Hours subject to change

Dress Code: Business casual attire is recommended. Swimwear is not allowed, and shorts, tank tops, sports apparel, and open-toed shoes are only permitted in the bar/lounge area. 

Price: A meal for two people, including appetizers, entrees, sushi, sake, and a dessert, costs approximately $200 to $400.

MGM Rewards Dining Perks: The Bellagio is a part of MGM Resorts, so if you’re an MGM Rewards member, you can earn or redeem points for dining at Yellowtail. MGM Rewards membership is free. You can find more information here at MGM Resorts – MGM Rewards.

Yellowtail in Summary

Yellowtail’s vibrant atmosphere and eclectic Japanese menu bring you everything needed to create an unforgettable night out in Las Vegas. 

With stunning views of the Bellagio Fountains and a kitchen run by Michelin-starred Chef Akira Back, you are sure to love every moment. 

I hope this in-depth review was helpful, and thanks for checking us out here at the Las Vegas Report!

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