Considering the indulgent, sinful culture of Las Vegas, it probably comes as no surprise that there’s a world of secret hidden bars all over town. 

They offer sultry, exclusive atmospheres, incredible cocktails, and many feature live music, too. 

While it’s highly unlikely you’ll stumble upon any of these bars accidentally, they are relatively easy to find if you know where to look. 

Keep reading to learn about the 26 best speakeasy bars in Las Vegas, including where they are located, what they offer, and how to get inside. 

The 26 Best Speakeasy Bars in Las Vegas 

Everyone loves a good speakeasy, and Las Vegas has quite a few. After comparing all the options, I came up with the following list of the best speakeasies in the city, both on and off the Strip. 

The Best Speakeasies On the Strip

The Strip is known for decadence and one-of-a-kind experiences, so it’s no surprise some of the most elaborate speakeasies in the city can be found on Las Vegas Blvd. 

From authentic Prohibition-style and glamor to hidden entrances to strong cocktails and elusive spirits, they’ve got it all.  

The Cabinet of Curiosities and The Lock


A screenshot of various cocktails from The Cabinet of Curiosities Speakeasy at the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The Cabinet of Curiosities Lounge and The Lock is an intriguing pair of bars that create a world of wonder. 

The Cabinet contains expert mixologists and unique artifacts and puzzles that take you on a fascinating adventure. 

If you follow the clues, you’ll also crack the code and gain entry into the speakeasy, The Lock, through a vault door. This mystical bar experience is immersive, interactive, and quenches any kind of thirst. 

Must Try Cocktail: I Love Blue York

The Ski Lodge


A screenshot of various cocktails, appetizer, and ambiance in The Ski Lodge Speakeasy at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

You probably never thought you’d visit a ski chalet in Las Vegas, but Ski Lodge shows you anything is possible. 

It resides behind an unmarked door next to Wicked Spoon, and once you step inside, you’re instantly transported to a mountain retreat. 

Its distinct apres ski vibe is created by rustic decor, a crackling fire, a “window” showing a snowy forest, and more. 

It offers an outstanding cocktail program curated by James Beard Award-winner Leo Robitschek and Superfrico’s signature pizzas.

Must Try Cocktail: Grow a Pear

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Resorts World

A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den Speakeasy at Resorts World Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

A self-proclaimed hidden world of sin, Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den combines Prohibition Era style with Singaporean flair to bring you an intriguing experience you won’t soon forget. 

It serves classic cocktails in a laid-back lounge setting with an exclusive vibe. While it is elegant overall, it has a grunge feel, which adds an air of debauchery. 

To find the entrance to this secret spot, look behind a shelf full of lucky cat sculptures in a stall in the Famous Foods food hall.  

Must Try Cocktail: Rising Sun

Ghost Donkey 


A screenshot of the bar at Ghost Donkey Speakeasy in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Serving an impressive selection of agave-based spirits and gourmet nachos, Ghost Donkey is the perfect place to savor bold flavors. 

From premium flights to flavorful cocktails, their tequila and mezcal offerings are phenomenal. This hidden bar also has an energetic fiesta ambiance and sultry decor, just like you would expect from a speakeasy. 

The entrance is located in the Urban 16 Food Hall behind a green door with a glowing white donkey logo.  

Must Try Cocktail: Lavender Vida Loca

Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails 


A screenshot of the atmosphere and various cocktails from Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails Speakeasy at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Featuring top-notch barbers and a swanky speakeasy lounge, The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails offers a unique upscale experience. 

The sultry lounge is accessed through a discrete janitor door and has quickly become a hotspot for deluxe cocktails. It also serves small bites and hosts live music, which gives it an authentic Prohibition Era vibe. 

Whether you come for a haircut or a table in the speakeasy, reservations are a must. 

Must Try Cocktail: Mustache Ride 

1923 Prohibition Bar 

The Shoppes at Mandalay Place

A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from 1923 Prohibition Bar Speakeasy at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place Las Vegas.

Unforgettable and private, 1923 Prohibition Bar is a first-come-first-serve speakeasy hidden behind a fake bookcase. 

It is primarily a bourbon bar, but it also serves fantastic cocktails made from other premium spirits, so feel free to branch out. The space has a ritzy, New Orleans-style ambiance, perfect for endless fun. 

On Friday and Saturday nights, they also host live entertainment, including burlesque dancers, rousing pianists, and more. 

Must Try Cocktail: 1923 Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned

Beauty and Essex 


A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Beauty and Essex Speakeasy at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Don’t let the pawnshop storefront fool you; Beauty & Essex is actually a chic and glamorous speakeasy lounge with a top-rate cocktail program.  

While the bar can prepare all your favorite drinks, its creative menu of unique cocktails will make you want to experiment. 

Beauty & Essex also offers an eclectic wine list and a full food menu with delectable share plates, raw bar selections, small bites, prime cuts of beef, and decadent desserts. 

Must Try Cocktail: Pink Panther 

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge 


A screenshot of various cocktails from Easy's Cocktail Lounge Speakeasy at the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge is hidden behind a donut shop, which is probably why it is referred to as Aria’s sweetest secret. 

The space effortlessly blends the atmosphere of the Roaring 20s with a modern feel to bring you a timelessly elegant drinking destination. 

It also features uptempo jazz and elusive spirits, creating an authentic speakeasy ambiance. You may come for the incredible cocktails, but the plush setting and seductive entertainment will make it hard to leave. 

Must Try Cocktail: Angel Eyes

On The Record 

Park MGM

A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from On The Record Speakeasy at Park MGM Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Offering an original nightclub experience, On The Record is the ideal place to lounge, dance, and imbibe. 

The vibe is reminiscent of old-school music hubs, complete with world-renowned musical performances, dancers, and more. 

It features both indoor and outdoor spaces, and even has a VIP Vinyl Parlor that celebrities frequent. 

Aside from unbeatable energy, On The Record has a premium cocktail program, and the mixologists use your musical recommendations to inspire special cocktails just for you. 

Must Try Cocktail: Original Old Fashioned 

The Parlor Room 

Park MGM 

A screenshot of the bar at The Parlor Room Speakeasy at Park MGM Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Bavette’s Steakhouse has a distinct speakeasy-style vibe throughout, but it also has an exclusive speakeasy space called The Parlor Room. 

The entire restaurant features throwback decor like tufted red booths and dim lighting that set the mood for a seductive night. 

It also serves potent cocktails and an impressive wine selection, both of which contribute to the authentic Prohibition vibe. In addition, the timeless steakhouse cuisine is out of this world. 

Must Try Cocktail: Bavette’s Punch

The Count Room 


A screenshot of the ambiance and cocktail from The Count Room Speakeasy at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The Count Room is a speakeasy-style lounge inside Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse. 

It features plush, lavish furnishings, vintage-style decor with a contemporary spin, and dim lighting, which creates an exclusive ambiance overall. 

The menu includes delicious shared plates, small bites, decadent desserts, and, of course, deluxe cocktails. 

The bar stocks high-end spirits, and the mixologists are well-versed in creating handcrafted drinks perfectly suited to your tastes. 

Looking for an experience to go along with some fantastic drinks? The Count Room offers, “The Bugsy Table Experience”, which consists of a complimentary welcome glass of champagne, a personal greeting at your table by the Chef, and an amuse bouche to enhance your palette.

Want to add a little music to the experience? Look no further than the, “Live Jazz Trio Speakeasy Experience”. Designed for parties of two, this experience is available on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 8pm and ending at 11pm.

For groups of 4-6, you’ll want to go with the, “Front Row Live Jazz Trio Speakeasy Experience”. Click the reservations button below for more information.

Must Try Cocktail: Japanese Old Fashioned 

The Mayfair Supper Club 


A screenshot of various cocktails from The Mayfair Supper Club Speakeasy at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Glamorous, energetic, and over the top in every way, The Mayfair Supper Club is a lively destination for food, fun, and drinks. 

While it hosts nightly shows along with dinner, it also transforms into a seductive party called After Dark late night on the weekends. 

The space encompasses the atmosphere of an authentic Prohibition speakeasy and has flowing cocktails to match. 

It also has a stunning up-close backdrop of the Bellagio Fountains, which add to the overall glitzy ambiance.  

Must Try Cocktail: Champagne Cocktail

The Best Speakeasies Off the Strip

Las Vegas also has a collection of fantastic speakeasies located off the Strip. From upscale to low-key to otherworldly, they offer intriguing atmospheres and eclectic party vibes perfect for an adventure or a hidden drink. 

The Laundry Room


A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from The Laundry Room Speakeasy in Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street.

Intimate and exclusive, The Laundry Room is hidden within Commonwealth and requires a reservation for entry. 

This secret spot only allows 22 guests in at a time, and as a result, you’re guaranteed a personalized experience with every visit. 

Top-notch mixologists prepare innovative and classic cocktails tailored to your specific preferences. 

It also has a traditional speakeasy atmosphere with dim lighting and swanky decor, creating an authentic early 20th-century ambiance.  

Must Try Cocktail: Wet Heroine 

The Underground Speakeasy & Distillery 

Downtown – Mob Museum

A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from The Underground Speakeasy & Distillery in Downtown Las Vegas.

The Underground is both a Speakeasy and a distillery. Hidden in the basement of the Mob Museum, it highlights American bootlegger history and the Roaring Twenties. 

You’ll need to find a password to gain entry to this place, but once you do, a world of Prohibition-style glamor and nostalgia awaits. 

Think of it like a living exhibit where you can try moonshine, enjoy live music, and sip classic libations surrounded by a swanky atmosphere.

Must Try Cocktail: Bathtub Fizz

Downtown Cocktail Room and Mike Morey’s Sip ’n’ Tip


A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Downtown Cocktail Room and Mike Morey's Sip 'n' Tip in Downtown Las Vegas.

The Downtown Cocktail Room and Mike Morey’s Sip ‘n’ Tip are two separate experiences in one. 

D.C.R. is considered the main bar. It has a swanky ambiance with a relaxed feel. 

Sip ‘n’ Tip is part of the same place, but it has a discrete entrance in the DT Art Alley and a more approachable, rowdy atmosphere. 

Whichever side you choose to visit, expect to find phenomenal happy hour specials, original and classic cocktails, and a low-brow New York City vibe.

Must Try Cocktail: Blossomed and Bloomed 

Secret Bar 


Part of the high limit gaming area, Secret Bar doesn’t have an official name, hours, or website. 

It opens and closes at random, so there’s no way to know whether it is accessible or not at any particular time other than hanging out in the high limit gaming area. 

However, it’s more likely to be open on the weekends. When it decides to open, a large wall with Marilyn Monroe on it rolls up to reveal a hidden bar, perfect for an upscale cocktail. 

Must Try Cocktail: Classic Martini

Velveteen Rabbit 

Arts District

A screenshot of the signage and various cocktails from Velveteen Rabbit Speakeasy in the Arts District of Las Vegas.

Velveteen Rabbit has an undeniably magical ambiance created by the whimsical decor and a playful, captivating vibe. It is a fantastic place for special occasions. 

The space features eye-catching vintage furniture, local art, and an enchanting pink patio. The bar is known for its creative craft cocktails, which are as beautiful as they are delicious. 

It also features an impressive selection of specialty beers, including large format bottles, drafts, and non-alcoholic options. 

Must Try Cocktail: Queen’s Cup

Mas Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila 


A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Mas Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila Speakeasy in Chinatown Las Vegas.

A fast casual eatery in the front and a secret speakeasy parlor in the back, Mas Por Favor Taqueria & Tequila is overflowing with authentic Jalisco, Mexico vibes and delicious offerings. 

When you arrive, ask about “tonight’s delight” to get escorted into the speakeasy. 

The bar menu includes tasty shots, inspired cocktails, margaritas on tap, and more. From the phenomenal street tacos to their impressive selection of agave-based spirits, you’ll want to try it all.  

Must Try Cocktail: Matador

The Golden Tiki 


A screenshot of various cocktails from The Golden Tiki Speakeasy in Chinatown Las Vegas.

As the name suggests, The Golden Tiki is a tiki bar complete with tropical decor, coastal cuisine, and picturesque libations. 

From exotic drink ingredients to fruity juices to powerful rum drinks, it shows you what tiki bars are all about. 

It also features bewitching decor and a lively vibe, creating the perfect atmosphere for energetic gatherings and fun. 

In addition, their kitchen makes yummy, shareable plates, salads, and other tasty dishes. 

Must Try Cocktail: Lemba Lemba Akulapu

Tsuya Sake Lounge 


Located within Yui Edomae Sushi behind a velvet curtain, Tsuya Sake Lounge is an intimate lounge with fantastic sake and incredible Tokyo-style cuisine. 

The Lounge has a separate menu consisting of deluxe Japanese small bites perfect for snacking and sharing with friends. 

It also offers an exceptional collection of eclectic sakes that pair perfectly with the cuisine. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to call ahead and make a reservation to visit the Lounge. 

Must Try Cocktail: Nigori Miyashita

Capo’s Italian Steakhouse 

W Sahara

An Italian restaurant with live lounge performers, an authentic mafia-chic ambiance, and a secret entrance, Capo’s Italian Steakhouse is one of my favorite spots in the entire city. 

It has all the elements of a classic speakeasy plus phenomenal cuisine. 

From delicious handmade portions of pasta to Fried Ravioli to their signature Capone Family Secret Sauce, the food is on par with fine dining restaurants. However, it has a more laid-back Chicago mob vibe.

Must Try Cocktail: Manhattan

Herbs & Rye 

W Sahara

A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Herbs & Rye Speakeasy on West Sahara Road Las Vegas.

Known for serving phenomenal steaks and a range of historical cocktails, Herbs & Rye is loved by tourists and locals alike. 

It may have an unassuming strip mall location, but inside, its vintage decor with dark wood paneling and red booths transports you to eras past. 

The cocktail menu features iconic drinks from various cocktail eras, including the Golden Age, Rat Pack Era, and the Tiki Boom, so there’s something for every taste. 

They also have excellent happy hour specials.    

Must Try Cocktail: Blood and Sand 


S Rancho

Datamosh is a secret bar hidden within Omega Mart, an interactive art exhibit experience. While you can’t get in without first buying a ticket to Omega Mart, it offers a world of unique adventure outside of the bar. 

Datamosh is found in the pharmacy and provides a limited menu of creative cocktails you won’t find anywhere else. 

The menu was created by Omega Mart’s Happy Hour Agency to seamlessly blend the weird Meow Wolf and Omega Mart story. 

Must Try Cocktail: The Source

The Shag Room 


A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails and treats from The Shag Room Speakeasy at the Virgin Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

A seductive ambiance and exquisite libations await at The Shag Room. From the groovy vibe to the inspired drinks, this is a fantastic place for socializing and fun. 

The bar menu features a range of classic and inventive cocktails, beers, wines, and more. 

The Shag Room also hosts a variety of events throughout the week, including live music, Open Mic on Wednesdays, and a playful Upside Down Tea party on Sundays, where they serve boozy teapots. 

Must Try Cocktail: Kentucky Bloom



A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Gambit Speakeasy in Henderson Las Vegas.

Gambit is much more than just a speakeasy. It actually features three separate experiences: A supper club, a bar, and a speakeasy. 

While all of the different elements of Gambit are worth checking out, its speakeasy is the best in Henderson. 

It specializes in agave-based spirits, so if you love mezcal or tequila, it’s a surefire way to quench your thirst. It also serves small bites and has a distinct Jalisco, Mexico vibe. 

Must Try Cocktail: El Jefe

Cleveland’s The Lounge 

Boulder City

A screenshot of the ambiance and various cocktails from Cleveland's The Lounge Speakeasy in Boulder City Nevada.

Located in the historic Boulder Dam Hotel’s basement, Cleveland’s The Lounge offers guests a unique setting with exceptional live music entertainment and incredible cocktails. 

It also has an impressive wine selection and unbeatable lounge vibes, perfect for various special occasions and elevated drinks of any kind. It is Boulder City’s first speakeasy, and it does not disappoint. 

When you enter the hotel, the entrance can be found at the bottom of a downward staircase next to the check-in counter. 

Must Try Cocktail: The 1933