The famous dumpling and noodle restaurant finally made its way to Vegas and crowds now get an authentic Taiwanese and Shanghai dining experience. You’ll find plenty of mouth-watering dishes to choose from with a warm, inviting decor that’s perfect for a night out.

Below is my breakdown of the menu at Din Tai Fung along with what you can expect when dining there.

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A Dumpling & Noodle Filled Menu

There aren’t many menus in Vegas you can say are unique in what they offer but Din Tai Fung has an advantage with their large list of dumplings and noodles. You’ll also get a surprising amount of traditional dishes that restaurants around the US don’t typically offer.

Below is my review of each section of the Din Tai Fung menu and what you can expect.


A screenshot of various appetizer selections from Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

If you were looking for something light that will prep your taste buds for the flavorful dishes to come, the Cucumber Salad, Soy Noodle Salad, and Seaweed and Beancurd Salad are all excellent choices. But, if you’re curious what Din Tai Fung has to offer from the start, the Steamed Soup with Bone-in Beef Short Ribs, Hot and Sour Pork Soup, and Sweet and Sour Pork Baby Back Ribs are signature choices.

Xiao Long Bao

Although the Bao options are limited, they are all incredibly flavorful. The Kurobuta Pork is one of the most commonly ordered but the Crab Kurobuta Pork is a Las Vegas special. Chicken is the other option if you prefer a different type of protein.

Steamed Dumpling and Buns

One of the highlights of the menu and why most people choose Din Tai Fung are the steamed dumplings and buns. Served in a traditional wooden steamer, these are the type of dumplings you’d see at any local spot in Asia. The Shrimp Dumplings and Chicken Dumplings are the closest to traditional you’ll find. Otherwise, you’ll get innovative creations like Cod Dumplings, Kimchi and Pork Dumplings, and Shrimp & Kurobuta Pork Shao Mai.

The soft and delicate buns are also worth your consideration and are filled with your choice of pork, chicken, veggie, and a vegan option.

A screenshot of various dumpling and noodle dishes from Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.


A surprising amount of wonton options are available at Din Tai Fung. You’ll see both dishes that highlight the wonton itself and others that include it as part of a soup. Choices include the Shrimp and Pork, Chicken, Veggie, and Vegan wonton. The soups have all the same options but are prepared slightly differently.


While most restaurants would only have a side or two for greens, Din Tai Fung makes it an entire menu section. You’ll see the classic String Beans with Garlic, Broccoli with Garlic, and Bok Choy that most Asian restaurants include. Where Din Tai Fung separates itself is with the Taiwaneses Cabbage, Spinach, Kale, and Mustard green options. Each one pairs perfectly with one of the entrees on the menu and these are great for sharing.


A screenshot of various menu highlights from Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

A small selection of excellent crafted dishes are available in the speciality section. The Truffle Pork Long Bao takes a traditional Asian meal and elevates it with modern flavors. The Shrimp Pork Potstickers are as good as they look and are served with a side of soy sauce. The Beef Tenderloin is unique compared to the other menu items and offers a combination of flavors not available in other entrees.


Simple and straight to the point, Din Tai Fung puts noodles as the star of the show in this section. Only two of the options come with a protein as the others are content with fresh-made noodles and an umami-flavored sauce. The Vegan Noodle with Spicy Sauce is an excellent choice for those keeping it light and meat eaters will love the Minced Kurobuta Pork.

Noodle Soups

In the noodle soup section is where you’ll find meat-filled noodle dishes that will fill you up. The Braised Beef Noodle Soup flakes away with each fork pull and the Fried Pork Chop Noodle Soup has a beautiful crust on the outside but a tender middle. Other options include the Sliced Chicken Noodle Soup and Tofu Puff and Glass Noodle Soup.


A screenshot of various rice, noodle, and meat dishes from Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The Wok is where you’ll find a majority of the dishes. You can get fried rice with pretty much any topping you want including vegetables, shrimp, pork, and chicken. Otherwise, you’ll find a lo mein style dish with your choice of protein from chicken, shrimp, or pork. There’s also Shanghai Rice Cakes with noodles and you can choose your own protein as well.


Din Tai Fung sticks to what they know best in the dessert section as you’ll find several different choices for long baos, buns, and one Red Bean Sticky Rice Wrap. Bao options include Chocolate and Mochi, Red Bean and Mochi, Sweet Taro, and Sesame and Mochi. Bun options include chocolate, red bean, sweet taro, and sesame.

A screenshot of desserts and cocktails from Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Drinks & Cocktails

You won’t find a shortage of red and white wine choices at Din Tai Fung. You’ll even find some bubbly and rose for those special occasions. More authentic to the experience is the choices for sake and Asian-style beers. The restaurant does include six options for classic cocktails with a slight Din Tai Fung twist.

Reservation at Din Tai Fung Restaurant

Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria uses the Sevenrooms restaurant reservation platform, making it easy for diners to find availability, make a reservation, receive confirmation, and edit or cancel a reservation if plans change. 

You can log into Sevenrooms using a Facebook or Google account or just make a reservation as a guest.

A Light and Relaxed Dining Experience

While there are hints of Asian culture displayed throughout the restaurant, including the modern angles and ceiling structures, most of Din Tai Fung is neutral in design. It’s an open and large restaurant with huge window walls that give you the full Vegas experience while eating. The restaurant is nice, but it isn’t fine dining.

A screenshot of the entrance and dining areas at Din Tai Fung Restaurant in the Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Din Tai Fung at Aria is a great spot for solo diners, a date night, out with a group of friends, or bringing the kids out for a family meal.

Things To Know About Din Tai Fung Asian Restaurant in the Aria

Location: Din Tai Fung is located on the casino floor on the North East corner. The restaurant is located between the Lift Bar and the restrooms.

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon – Thurs | 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Fri – Sun | 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Hours subject to change

Dress Code: Restaurant casual is the listed dress code but swimsuits will not be allowed and you must have shoes and a shirt to receive service.

Price: For a couple, expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $200 including apps and drinks.

MGM Rewards Dining Perks: The Aria is a part of MGM Resorts, so if you’re an MGM Rewards member, you can earn or redeem points for dining at Din Tai Fung. MGM Rewards membership is free. You can find more information here at MGM Resorts – MGM Rewards.

Din Tai Fung Asian Restaurant in Summary

With multiple options for steamed dumplings and bao buns, Din Tai Fung brings a different flavor of Asian cuisine not replicated much on the Strip. The restaurant boasts an atmosphere that’s open and bright while still maintaining its modern Asian touches. I want to thank you for checking out the Las Vegas Report and reading my complete Din Tai Fung review.

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