The sultry menu and decor at TAO will surprise you. From the moment you step in, TAO transports you to a realm of Asian-inspired luxury. The giant Buddha statue that greets you at the entrance sets the tone for a night of indulgence, as does the club for those looking to combine dinner with a little dancing for the perfect night out in Vegas.

Below is my complete review of TAO along with menu items, atmosphere, and key info that will help your dining experience.

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A Pan-Asian Cuisine Menu

The beautiful decor at TAO is complimented wonderfully by authentic Pan-Asian cuisine. The large menu has options that any palate will enjoy and the prices are affordable for most families and friend groups. Below is my complete breakdown of each section of the menu along with signature options you can’t miss.

TAO Asian Bistro Menu

TAO Asian Bistro Menu – Venetian Las Vegas

Sushi & Sashimi

Starting off the impressive menu list is sushi and sashimi. Most of the basic options are $9 including the salmon, snapper, yellowtail, and eel. However, TAO offers premium cuts of tuna, king crab, fatty tuna, and sea urchin that are well worth the higher price tag. The price is per piece so it’s best just to grab a couple of pieces of your favorite before moving on and trying more of the menu.

A screenshot of various sushi, sashimi, and rolls from TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Dim Sum

While there aren’t a ton of dim sum options for you to try, the ones that are offered at TAO taste like they come straight from a Chinatown kitchen. My favorite was the Peking Duck Spring Roll with Hoisin Sauce but you can’t go wrong with the Chicken Gyoza with Chili Garlic sauce or the Pork Potstickers with a Chili Sesame Glaze. Prices range from $18 to $21.

A screenshot of various potsticker, dumpling, egg roll, and appetizers from TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Small Plates

The small plates are where you’ll find most of the traditional Asian starters but some are large enough to act as their own meal. Impressive choices include the Lamb Chop, Sizzling Soy Sauce Chicken, Crispy Pork Bao Buns, and Lobster Wontons with Shiitake Ginger Broth. With 14 different items to choose from in the small plates section, every person in your group can find something they like. Prices range significantly from $15 to $28.


For those that prefer a warm option before heading into the heavy flavor-filled entrees can try out the couple of soup options at TAO. The Hot and Sour Soup has a nice twist with shrimp toast and the Miso Soup is traditional with tofu and manila clams. Both items are only $13 a piece.


A number of special dishes and special rolls fill up a large portion of the TAO menu. The signature dishes include Salmon Sashimi with avocado, onions, and a sweet and spicy sesame sauce, Yellowtail Sashimi with jalapeno and ponzu sauce, and a trio of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail sashimi with wasabi salsa. Anyone looking for fresh Asian-flavored seafood should take a try at one of these light but delicious options.

The special rolls are unique and the combination of ingredients isn’t seen at many other Asian restaurants on the strip. There is a Salmon Avocado with salmon tartare and tomato ponzu, a TAO Angry Dragon Roll with eel and kabayaki sauce, and a Yellowtail Roll with crushed onions. Prices range from $17 – $38.

Noodles & Rice

Those who are looking for a traditional Asian style dish with rice won’t be disappointed. Must-try options include the Triple Pork Fried Rice with pork belly, BBQ roast pork, and Chinese sausage, the Pad Thai Noodles, and the Thai Duck Fried Rice.

A screenshot of various fried rice and noodles dishes from TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

However, throw caution to the wind and indulge in the Lobster with kim chee fried rice or the Drunken Lobster Pad Thai with brandy and cashews. Each option has its own flavors that will satisfy any taste buds. Prices range between $8 and $38.

From the Sea

A screenshot of various seafood dishes from TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

TAO divides the second half of its menu by the different types of protein and the “from the sea” section features fresh fish from around the world Las Vegas is known for. Here, you’ll find Diver Sea Scallops, Grilled Branzino, and Grilled Ahi Tuna along with other Asian-flavored seafood dishes. Prices will be higher for global fresh-caught fish, so expect to pay anywhere between $38 and $58.

From the Sky

In the “from the sky” section, you’ll find one of the rare traditional Chinese dishes on the menu: Crispy Orange Chicken. While you’ve probably had this dish elsewhere, the preparation at TAO is significantly better and far more flavorful. Other options include the Black Pepper Chili Chicken and Peking Duck for two. You’ll spend anywhere from $37 to $94.

A screenshot of chicken and beef menu highlights from TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

From the Land

The “from the land” section at TAO has some of the most impressive items on the entire menu. The Imperial Wagyu Ribeye is the most expensive item at $98 but the Aged NY Strip is not far behind at $79. The other two options are variations of a Filet Mignon.

You can also include the BBQ section at TAO here considering the protein is also from the land. You won’t be disappointed with the Lacquered Roast Pork but the Chinese Five Spice Short Ribs is the real star.


You’ll see a generous number of different dessert offerings at TAO. Yuzu Sugar Dusted Doughnuts, Mochi Tasting, and TAO Chocolate Buddhas are all unique ways to end your night. It’s the Giant Fortune Cookie though that really completes the evening. Prices range from $9 to $18.

A screenshot of cocktails and desserts from TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Drinks & Cocktails

You’ll find plenty of options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at TAO. A large selection of wine and sake, a number of signature cocktails, and beers make up the list. The real surprise is the number of teas available including black, green, oolong, and herbal infusions.

Reservations at TAO Asian Bistro

TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian uses the Opentable restaurant reservation platform, making it easy for diners to find availability, make a reservation, receive confirmation, and edit/cancel a reservation if plans change. 

Opentable doesn’t require you to create an account, but if you do, you can earn points each time you make a reservation and complete your dining experience. Points can be redeemed for various perks including Amazon Gift Cards!

An Elegant and Cultural Experience

The experience at TAO starts the minute you walk through the door. Six large baths filled with water and rose petals surround you as you head toward the hostess stand. Rich red colors decorate every wall and furniture piece and traditional Asian lamps and Buddha statues make your experience authentic.

A screenshot of the dining room, bar, and club at TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The atmosphere is upscale yet inviting and the staff is friendly and attentive. All of these components make up an unforgettable experience at TAO Asian Bistro in Venetian Las Vegas. It’s a perfect place for a special night out with your loved one or for a gathering with family and friends.

Things To Know About TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian

Location: From the casino floor, Head to the South West corner near the slot machines and take the elevator to the second level. Take your first right and continue down the corridor through the waterfall atrium observation point. Continue on the right side of the Gondola Rides all the way to the end of the river and go through the corridor on your right. Continue down the corridor till you walk through the arches and TAO will be on your right before the escalators.

Hours of Operation:

  • Sun – Wed | 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
  • Thurs – Sat | 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm
  • Hours subject to change

Dress Code: TAO has a formal dress code that promotes evening wear.

Price: For a couple, expect to pay between $200 – $300 including apps and desserts.

Grazie Rewards Dining Perks: The Venetian and Palazzo have a player’s rewards program that offers all kinds of benefits including those for dining if you’re a member. Membership is free. You can find more information here at Grazie Rewards.

TAO Asian Bistro in Summary

TAO Bistro has an elevated but welcoming atmosphere, amazing food choices, and a great selection of drinks. With a combination of fresh seafood, traditional Chinese dishes, wagyu steaks, and more, you won’t be disappointed. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my review on TAO and for using The Las Vegas Report to guide your sin city experience.

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