Known for its sweet marinades, bold flavors, and tender grilled meats, Korean BBQ is a meat lover’s dream come true. 

Korean BBQ restaurants also facilitate a social, interactive experience perfect for enjoying time with friends and family, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular.  

Whether you are searching for an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ that allows you to indulge without limits or a spot with exceptional a la carte plates, Las Vegas’s 20 best Korean BBQ restaurants are prime to exceed expectations. Keep reading to learn all about them! 

The 20 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Las Vegas 

After researching the many exceptional options for Korean BBQ in Las Vegas, I managed to narrow down the choices to a list of the 20 best. I also divided them by neighborhood to help make finding the right place as easy as possible.  

Best On-Strip Korean BBQ Restaurants 

Whether you’re craving an unlimited Korean BBQ experience or premium a la carte options, the following spots on the Las Vegas Strip have you covered. When you’re in the heart of the city, make sure to give one of them a try.  

Best Friend by Roy Choi

Park MGM

A screenshot of menu highlights from Best Friend Korean Restaurant in Park MGM Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Best Friend by Roy Choi is a unique blend of bar, restaurant, and bodega, bringing you delicious Korean flavor in a super-charged atmosphere. 

The menu is a surefire crowd-pleaser with dishes from its renowned LA food truck and new creations just for Las Vegas. 

For a well-rounded experience, opt for the Chef Menu. Or, for a taste of their famous BBQ, try the BBQ Platter with spicy pork, garlic chicken, and bone-in short rib.

Must Try Item: BBQ Platter

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ

LV Blvd + 2 additional locations (one coming soon)

A screenshot of menu highlights from Master Kim's Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ offers a wide array of delicious food, but it’s specialty is premium beef. 

Their all-you-can-eat menu includes everything from Black Angus Spicy Boneless Short Rib to New York Strip to Beef Belly and everything in between. 

They also have amazing pork, chicken, and seafood options. In addition, the space features a fun, creative delivery system that brings plates directly to your table. 

Must Try Item: Black Angus Spicy Boneless Short Rib

Gen Korean BBQ House 

Miracle Mile Shops + 2 additional locations 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Gen Korean BBQ House in Las Vegas.

When you’re craving unlimited enjoyment and premium quality without breaking the bank, there’s no better place than Gen Korean BBQ House

They offer an expansive all-you-can-eat menu of freshly cooked seafood, meat, veggies, and authentic Korean side dishes (ban-chan). 

Gen’s amazing chefs also prepare sushi rolls, carpaccio, and izakaya favorites. From the Spicy Garlic Pork Belly to the Gen Signature Galbi, their BBQ hits the spot. 

Must Try Item: Smoked Garlic Pork Belly

Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Chinatown

Chinatown has a wealth of top-tier Asian restaurants, Korean BBQ spots included. For the most authentic, laid-back experience, head over to Chinatown and see what traditional Korean BBQ is all about. 

8oz Korean Steak House & Bar 

Spring Mountain Rd  

A screenshot of menu highlights from 8oz Korean Steak House & Bar in Las Vegas.

8oz Korean Steak House & Bar is a culinary gem serving only the highest quality seafood and meats. 

It features a menu full of Korean BBQ favorites, yummy seafood options, classic Korean side dishes, and sweet desserts. 

You can order meats a la carte, but they also offer combo plates perfect for sharing amongst groups of two to six. The modern atmosphere and full bar don’t hurt, either. 

Must Try Item: Spicy Pork Belly 

888 Korean BBQ 

Spring Mountain Rd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from 888 Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Located in the heart of Chinatown, 888 Korean BBQ is a classic AYCE-style restaurant. 

They serve exceptional authentic Korean favorites, including a wide array of premium meats, tasty side dishes, and delicious stews. 

The AYCE experience is divided into three tiers. The higher the tier, the more items are included. Regardless of the level you choose, expect tasty options and reasonable prices. 

Must Try Item: La Kalabi

Hobak Korean BBQ 

Spring Mountain Rd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Hobak Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Reminiscent of a Korean street in the 80s, Hobak Korean BBQ’s nostalgic and inviting atmosphere is ideal for sharing food with friends and family. 

They have a butcher shop-style meat display proudly showcasing their top-quality meats and a menu full of savory dishes for every taste. 

The most popular dishes include noodle stews like Hobak Red Ramen and Wagyu Bulgogi Hotpot.

Must Try Item: Wagyu Bulgogi Hotpot

Korean Garden BBQ

Spring Mountain Rd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Korean Garden BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Korean Garden BBQ has a modern vibe and a filling menu with tiered AYCE options. 

They offer traditional Korean cuisine, including cook-your-own meats and veggies, savory stews, and yummy side dishes. 

They excel when it comes to pork and beef options, and people love their Fried Dumplings, too. My top recommendation is the Honey Garlic Shrimp available on the AYCE #3 menu. 

Must Try Item: Honey Garlic Shrimp

Hwaro Las Vegas

S Decatur Blvd and Spring Mountain Rd

A screenshot of menu highlights from Hwaro Korean Restaurant in Las Vegas.

A long-standing Las Vegas favorite, Hwaro Las Vegas is an outstanding place for premium AYCE Korean BBQ. 

From tasty side dishes to crispy appetizers to tender meat, they’ve got everything you want and more. 

In addition to classic Korean BBQ plates and meats, they also have a decent amount of crowd-pleasing Asian dishes like Gyoza and Egg Rolls.

Must Try Item: The Shit 

Honey Pig Korean BBQ

Spring Mountain Rd and S Eastern Ave 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Honey Pig Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Open until 5 AM daily, Honey Pig Korean BBQ in Chinatown is ready and waiting whenever the craving for Korean BBQ hits. 

They offer an AYCE menu amidst a no-frills atmosphere and pride themselves on their friendly, fast service. 

It may not be as flashy as other options on our list, but the food speaks for itself, and they have fantastic prices.  

Must Try Item: Beef La Galbi

Tofu Hut

Spring Mountain Rd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Tofu Hut Korean restaurant in Las Vegas.

Tofu Hut is a favorite of Las Vegas locals for both a la carte and AYCE Korean BBQ. 

At just $19 per guest, they are one of the cheapest places with an AYCE menu in town, and they have super discounted lunch and late night happy hour specials, too. 

Just beware: you must be in a party of two or more to enjoy the AYCE experience.  

Must Try Item: Boneless marinated Short Rib

Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi 

W Sahara 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Biwon Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

With three AYCE options and fantastic prices all around, you can’t go wrong with Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, Korean BBQ, or both, Biwon has you covered. 

While it is a bit pricier, I recommend choosing the KBBQ & Sushi menu to get the full experience. Whatever you decide, make sure to try the Green Tea Pork Belly found on the Premium menu. 

Must Try Item: Green Tea Pork Belly

Best Korean BBQ Near the University District

Just minutes away from the Strip, the University District is home to three of the city’s best Korean BBQ spots. They are great for casual meet-ups and reasonably priced meals day or night. 

Arirang Korean BBQ 

E Flamingo Rd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Arirang Korean BBQ and Sushi restaurant in Las Vegas.

Arirang Korean BBQ is an authentic spot boasting grills on every table. They have a filling AYCE menu with all your favorite Korean entrees, soups, appetizers, and more. 

Make sure to try the Signature Pork Steak and the O Sam Bulgogi with pork belly squid. Their fantastic menu is also reasonably priced and ranges between $20 and $23, depending on when you visit. 

Must Try Item: Signature Pork Steak

Gangnam Asian BBQ 

Paradise Rd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Gangnam Asian BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Strip, Gangnam Asian BBQ is a fantastic place to enjoy a fusion of Korean and Japanese BBQ plates. 

They offer an a la carte menu with salads, soups, appetizers, noodles, and various-sized meat packages perfect for sharing at the table. 

They proudly serve natural pork and chicken and top-quality meats like Certified Angus Prime beef, which you will surely love. 

Must Try Item: Meat Lovers Package

All You Korean BBQ 

Maryland Pkwy

A screenshot of menu highlights from All You Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Somewhat newer to the scene, All You Korean BBQ already has a loyal following thanks to its reasonable prices and tasty cuisine. 

They offer three AYCE menus, the least expensive of which only cost about $20. 

All three tiers feature exceptional dishes, but the premium tier includes the chef’s choice of top-quality meat and seafood like Garlic Tuna Carpaccio and Salt and Pepper Filet Mignon. 

Must Try Item: Garlic Tuna Carpaccio

Best Korean BBQ in the Summerlin Area

West of Chinatown in the Summerlin area, I found several noteworthy Korean BBQ places that are more than deserving of a spot on our best-of list. Check one out next time you’re in the vicinity. 

Moo Woo Korean BBQ 

Centennial Center Blvd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Moo Woo Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Named for the sound happy cows make in Korea, Moo Woo Korean BBQ has a playful vibe with friendly service to match. 

Their authentic menu features premium BBQ meats, authentic entrees and side dishes, and tasty appetizers overflowing with bold flavors. 

You can order many of the plates a la carte, but if you come with friends, sharing is strongly encouraged.

Must Try Item: Woo Combo

Yukga Korean BBQ 

W Sahara 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Yukga Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Instead of offering a single all-you-can-eat menu, Yukga Korean BBQ features Gold and Platinum AYCE options with tiered prices, allowing you to select the ideal experience for your preferences. 

They also have a special discounted lunch menu if you’re looking for a deal. Whichever menu you choose, delectable meats, veggies, soups, noodles, and side dishes come included. 

The Beef Tar-Tar and assortment of Galbi should not be missed.

Must Try Item: Original Galbi

Manna Korean BBQ 

W Charleston Blvd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Manna Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Located in the Campus Commons Food Court, Manna Korean BBQ serves amazingly delicious Korean food in a straightforward, no-frills atmosphere. 

This counter service spot is so low-key they don’t even have a website. Even so, their authentic recipes, tasty flavors, and reduced prices keep people coming back time and time again. 

The Garlic Soy Pork Ribs and the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Balls are my top recommendations. 

Must Try Item: Garlic Soy Pork Ribs

Best Korean BBQ in Enterprise 

South of Spring Valley, Enterprise is a fantastic area to enjoy Korean BBQ when you’re in the southern part of the city. The neighborhood has three authentic places that deliver authentic flavors and exceptional quality all around. 

Doh Korean BBQ 

S Rainbow Blvd and S Maryland Pkwy

A screenshot of menu highlights from Doh Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Sleek and inviting, Doh Korean BBQ’s open-air space is outstanding for enjoying incredible food with friends. 

They feature grills at each table and offer a menu full of tender marinated meats, side dishes, noodles hotpots, and chef creations for every palate. 

This is a true gem when it comes to Korean BBQ, and with two convenient locations, you’re sure to be near one soon. 

Must Try Item: Samgyeopsal

Goong Korean BBQ 

Rainbow Blvd 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Goong Korean BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas.

Goong Korean BBQ serves a broad range of a la carte Korean BBQ specialties, so you can eat as much or as little as you like. 

They have fantastic lunch specials and, considering their use of premium ingredients, reasonable prices at night, too. The menu includes all the typical Korean BBQ meats, excellent stews, and bibimbap. 

It even has a few vegetarian specialties. 

Must Try Item: Braised Oxtail Stew

Soyo Korean Restaurant 

Rainbow Shopping Center 

A screenshot of menu highlights from Soyo Korean Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Soyo Korean Restaurant has a unique street food market vibe that instantly puts you at ease. 

Specialties include spicy dishes like Chicken on Fire, Flat Grilled Dumplings, and Kimchi Fried Rice. 

For the ultimate hangover cure, try the Gamjatang, a pork backbone stew with veggies and peeled potatoes. I recommend trying several items to get a good sense of how they do things. 

Must Try Item: Chicken on Fire