While sushi may be the first thing that comes to mind, Japanese cuisine encompasses a variety of crowd-pleasing dishes that are sure to satisfy every palate. From fiery robata grilled meats and veggies to wagyu beef to premium seafood, the culture and cuisine come together to pique every interest. 

This article explores the best restaurants in Las Vegas for next-level sushi and Japanese cuisine. Keep reading to find your new favorite spot and ensure you take advantage of something exceptional.  

The 10 Best Sushi and Japanese Restaurants in Las Vegas

The following restaurants are our top 10 picks for the best sushi and Japanese cuisine in Las Vegas. 

While each has its own unique traits, they all showcase culinary excellence, exemplary service, and a unique ambiance that reflects the best Las Vegas has to offer.  

Nobu Caesars – Best Overall

Caesars Palace

A screenshot of menu highlights from Nobu Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his restaurants are world-renowned for serving out-of-this-world sushi and Japanese food with a blend of Peruvian flavors, and Nobu Caesars Palace will show you why. 

It is their largest location yet and the only one in the U.S. with exclusive Teppan tables. The menu at Nobu is full of classic and exotic dishes made with imported Japanese and Asian fish, seafood, exotic delicacies, and rich signature sauces. 

Nobu takes a no-frills approach to dining. Instead of tablecloths and a stuffy vibe, they have an approachable atmosphere and focus all their efforts on exceptional cuisine. So while it’s a fine dining experience, it’s never stuffy or pretentious.

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Kumi – Most Enchanting Decor

Mandalay Bay

A screenshot of menu highlights from Kumi Restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Kumi features chic decor and a chill vibe perfect for indulging in modern sushi and Japanese cuisine. The space features a stunning cherry blossom theme with hammered steel and natural wood elements that create an enchanting atmosphere. 

The trendy ambiance is also underscored by a soundtrack of ambient beats, creating a groovy space for an upscale meal.

The menu at Kumi incorporates a blend of East-Asian and Korean flavors to bring you bold dishes, shared plates, fresh seasonal fish, nigiri, and delicious sushi. 

They also pride themself on using sustainably sourced ingredients, so you can feel great about every aspect from start to finish.

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Morimoto – Most Versatile Dining Experience

MGM Grand

A screenshot of menu highlights from Morimoto Restaurant in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

At Morimoto, the bold menu is filled with a fusion of Eastern and Western flavors, resulting in culinary delight for all who visit. 

Not only is Chef Masaharu Morimoto an Iron Chef, but four of Morimoto locations have earned Michelin stars, so you know you’re in for an exceptional meal with stellar service to match. 

Morimoto Las Vegas’s design is also extremely versatile. Choose between seating in the lounge, at the sushi bar, in the swanky dining room, or at the Teppanyaki table, all of which provide you with a different yet equally enticing dining experience. 

Wherever you sit, prepare for an unforgettable night on the town.

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Zuma – Best for Informal Izakaya Style Dining


A screenshot of menu highlights from Zuma Restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Inspired by the informal izakaya-style dining experience, Zuma is the perfect place to share Japanese fare in an upscale setting. 

Created and co-founded by Chef Ranier Becker, the cuisine is delectably authentic but far from traditional or ordinary. 

The menu features a wide range of boldly flavored dishes for every preference, including expertly crafted sushi, perfectly cooked robata grill offerings, and delicious shared plates. 

Zumi is also an excellent destination for world-class cocktails, premium spirits, and fine wines and sakes.

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Nobu Paris – Best for Gourmet Cuisine in a Casual Setting


A screenshot of menu highlights from Nobu Restaurant in the Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Brought to you by Michelin-starred Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu Paris’s sushi and Japanese menu is truly extraordinary. 

The selection of sushi, sashimi, nigiri, Japanese A5 wagyu, tacos, and more ensures every palate is satisfied while showcasing culinary excellence at its finest. 

Unlike other restaurants with gourmet cuisine, Nobu Paris has a casual, laid-back vibe that creates an unpretentious atmosphere. While you soak it all in, you can also enjoy an exclusive list of sakes from the Hokusetsu brewery found only at Nobu.

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SUSHISAMBA – Most Artistic Atmosphere


A screenshot of menu highlights from SUSHISAMBA Restaurant in the Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

SUSHISAMBA’s cuisine is truly one-of-a-kind. Chef John Um blends the culture and cuisine of Japan, Brazil, and Peru to bring you bold fare overflowing with flavor. 

From Peruvian seviche to Japanese tempura to Brazilian churrasco, they’ve got it all. They’re also home to the largest collection of Japanese whiskeys in Las Vegas. 

The stunningly unique atmosphere at SUSHISAMBA immerses you in art and drama. Not only is the food plated aesthetically, but the decor features theatrical visual projections and massive art installations like swirling graffiti ribbons. 

They also have a showy sushi bar and an open kitchen with a fiery robata grill on full display, all of which further add to the visual and sensory show.

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Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant – Most Iconic View


A screenshot of menu highlights from Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

In addition to sumptuous Japanese cuisine, Yellowtail is known for its stunning panoramic views of the Bellagio Fountains. 

Surrounded by an iconic Las Vegas water feature, you’ll enjoy authentic and modern Japanese cuisine with Korean influence brought to you by Chef Akira Back. His time as a chef has earned him consecutive Michelin stars, so prepare for something extraordinary. 

The drinks at Yellowtail are also carefully curated to ensure an elevated fine dining experience on every level. They offer an extensive sake, wine, beer, and whisky list and reimagined classics of specialty cocktails.

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Koi Las Vegas – Best for Intimate Dining

Planet Hollywood

A screenshot of menu highlights from Koi Restaurant in Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

When you step into Koi, you’re immediately surrounded by a sultry, high-energy ambiance perfect for an intimate dining experience. 

The glamorous decor, paired with the perfect mood lighting, creates a seductive atmosphere that is both casual and exclusive at the same time. 

Koi’s Japanese-inspired cuisine has a California twist, giving it a unique take on freshness and flavor. The chefs expertly blend ingredients like avocado, cilantro, and mango with sushi-grade seafood, ginger, and soy to bring you utter perfection. 

Their menu includes sushi, sashimi, premium steaks, delectable shared plates, and more, so everyone is sure to leave more than satisfied.

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Kusa Nori – Best for Teppanyaki

Resorts World

A screenshot of menu highlights from Kusa Nori Restaurant in Resorts World Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

From the showy teppanyaki tables to the bustling sushi bar to the artsy dining room, Kusa Nori brings you everything you could want from a top-notch Japanese restaurant. 

The menu includes authentic and inspired cuisine that is beautifully presented and mouth-wateringly delicious. 

Kusa Nori is an outstanding place to enjoy a complete slicing and dicing teppanyaki experience. Their chefs put on a show and perform tricks while preparing premium meats and seasonal veggies for any palate. 

Kusa Nori is also a hot spot for fresh seafood and yakitori. Lastly, they have a sizeable sake menu designed to include offerings that complement any menu selection.

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OTORO – Best Robata Grill Selections


A screenshot of menu highlights from OTORO Restaurant in the Mirage Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Sleek, stylish, and simultaneously intimate and energetic, OTORO is a truly immersive dining experience found in the Mirage. 

While OTORO may not be as pricey as other top Japanese restaurants, they still offer exceptional service, top-quality culinary delights, and a world-class ambiance that can only be found on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Their menu includes a wide array of perfectly grilled robata selections, next-level entrees, and both unique and familiar sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. 

Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, they are sure to more than satisfy your cravings for elevated Japanese cuisine.

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