MR CHOW is an international sensation dating back to 1968. Brought to you by Restaurateur and Artist Michael Chow, it exemplifies the art of dining and world-class service with a personalized touch. 

With signature dishes like Chicken Satay, Beijing Duck, fresh noodles, and entrees from the land, sea, and sky, MR CHOW is sure to wow your taste buds on every level. 

In addition, Elegant decor and unique design components add to the show-like atmosphere, making it the ideal setting for special occasions, intimate date nights, and refined group gatherings.

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Modern Beijing Cuisine with Artistic Flair

The menu at MR CHOW features delectable Chinese cuisine served in family-style portions. Whether you dine with a friend or come in a group, I recommend sharing several dishes at the table to get the full experience. 

The following sections explore the menu and highlight signature dishes to help you curate the perfect meal.

The Menu at MR CHOW Las Vegas

MR CHOW Restaurant Menu – Caesars Palace Las Vegas

First Course

The foremost part of MR CHOW’s menu includes an assortment of first-course dishes, including hors d’oeuvres, pasta, and soup. These selections make the perfect start to your meal. 

Hors D’Oeuvres

A screenshot of various appetizers from MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The hors d’oeuvres at MR CHOW feature elegant presentations and expertly curated flavors. If you prefer to start with a traditional Chinese appetizer, the Chicken Satay features an original recipe and is considered a house specialty.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, the Turnip Puff with ham is another house specialty that brings you mouth-watering flavors and textures. 

The fresh seafood appetizers are also delicious. Choose between a Crab Claw, Fresh Scallop on the Shell, Prawn Toast with Gambei, Salt & Pepper Prawns, and Glazed Prawns with Walnuts.

Other hors d’oeuvres include Squab with Lettuce, Scallion Pancake, and Gambei with Goodies.

Expect to pay $18 to $38 for these dishes. 


The pasta at MR CHOW is another signature element of the restaurant. A chef makes classic Beijing noodles in the dining room nightly, adding to the overall showy and energetic atmosphere.

The two most popular selections are the Handmade MR CHOW Noodles and the Squid Ink Rice Noodles, but you can’t go wrong. Whichever dish you choose will be expertly prepared with the finest ingredients and flavor combinations.

A screenshot of various dumpling dishes from MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Other pasta selections include Lobster Shumai Pot Stickers, Water Dumplings, Vermicelli with Lobster, Fresh Clam with Rice Cake, and Shanghai Little Dragon which are classic steamed soup dumplings.  

Pasta dishes cost between $26 and $38.


MR CHOW offers two classic soups with a unique spin. The Corn & Crabmeat Soup is hearty, savory, and an elevated version of the authentic Chinese recipe.

They also serve imitation Shark’s Fin Soup, which typically can’t be found in the United States. However, thanks to the use of imitation meat, MR CHOW gives you a chance to see what makes it so popular without any controversy. 

Semi Prix Fixe

The Semi Prix Fixe selections consist of three pre-designed menus served family-style for the entire table.

They provide you with a balanced two or three-course meal that pulls elements from the sky, land, and sea and come with vegetables and sauteed rice.

A screenshot of various dishes from the semi prix fixe menu showcasing the peking duck from MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Selections include the Classic, Beijing Duck, and the signature MR CHOW which gives you a choice between fresh crab, steamed sea bass, or fiery beef. 

These meals cost between $102 and $120 per person and require a minimum of two or three people to enjoy.

Of Course

The Of Course section of the menu at MR CHOW features outstanding main course entrees and is broken down into sea, sky, and land categories. 

From the Sea

At MR CHOW, they prepare the freshest seafood in expert fashion, so it’s no surprise some of the most popular dishes can be found in this section of the menu.

I recommend trying one of the house specialties; Dressed Dungeness Crab, Mr Chow’s signature Green Prawns, or With Three, which combines prawns, chicken, calves liver, and sea mushrooms.

A screenshot of various seafood dishes from MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Additional options from the sea include Fresh Live Lobster, Fresh Whole Fish, Drunken Fish, Steamed Sea Bass, Emperor’s Crab, Squid in Xo Sauce, White Prawns, and Nine Seasons Prawns. 

These dishes cost $58 to $66, except for the fresh fish and lobster, which fluctuate based on market price. 

From the Sky

From the Sky dishes at MR CHOW showcase authentic and unique flavors suitable for almost any palette. The crispy and tender Gamblers Duck is a fan favorite with steamed pancakes and a rich plum sauce.

Other selections include Beijing Chicken, Chicken Joanna, and Velvet Chicken, which has a touch of fresh chili but remains mild overall. 

These entrees cost $54 to $62.

From the Land

If you’re in the mood for red meat, this section of the menu exceeds expectations. MR CHOW uses the finest ingredients and incorporates decadent sauces to ensure exemplary quality in each dish.

I recommend the house specialty, Ma Mignon, which is tender, delicious, and prepared using an original recipe from 1975.

A screenshot of various meat entrees from MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

For something spicy, choose the Fiery Beef or Spicy Pork with Chili. Additional options From the Land include Crispy Beef, Beef with Oyster Sauce, Sweet & Sour Pork, Lamb with Spring Onion, and Lamb Shank.  

Expect to pay between $58 and $68.50 for these entrees. 

Vegetable & Rice

The final section of the menu features shareable vegetable and rice dishes. Choose between authentic Chinese sides like Sauteed Baby Bok Choy, Mixed Vegetables, Sauteed Brown Rice with Mushrooms, String Beans with Xo Sauce, and Steamed or Sauteed Rice.

Or for something more unique, opt for the Lily Bulb with Mountain Yam or Four Color Cauliflower.

These plates cost $16 per person and have a two-person minimum. 

Cocktails & Wine

MR CHOW has a full bar featuring premium champagne, wine, and specialty cocktails created with fresh ingredients.

A screenshot of various cocktails and wine from MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Their cocktail menu includes classic drinks, like a Vieux Carre, and unique creations like their famous Lychee Martini with a touch of ginger. 

Another unique feature of MR CHOW is their roaming champagne trolley, which adds a bit of showmanship to your drink selection.

Even if you don’t order from the trolley, the champagne list at MR CHOW is worth checking out. It has numerous selections and even has magnums and half-bottles to accommodate groups of any size.

Reservations at MR CHOW Las Vegas

MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Las Vegas uses the Opentable restaurant reservation platform, making it easy for diners to find availability, make a reservation, receive confirmation, and edit/cancel a reservation if plans change. 

Opentable doesn’t require you to create an account, but if you do, you can earn points each time you make a reservation and complete your dining experience. Points can be redeemed for various perks including Amazon Gift Cards!

An Elegant Atmosphere with Unique Design Elements 

MR CHOW offers a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

It has an elegant ambiance paired with artistic elements and performance-style presentations, allowing you to experience dinner and a show with every meal.

A screenshot of the entrance, ambiance and atmosphere at MR CHOW Restaurant in Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The restaurant’s interior design features luxurious white decor with modern influences and one-of-a-kind design elements.

One of the most stunning art installations is a massive kinetic moon sculpture that hangs above the main dining room. Every 20 minutes, the sculpture shifts and morphs into different shapes, providing stunning visuals while you dine.

Things To Know About MR CHOW in Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Location: MR CHOW is off the casino floor, making it easy to find. It is adjacent to the Bacchanal Buffet and behind the Apostrophe Bar near Pronto by Giada.

You’ll need to take an elevator as the restaurant is located on the second floor. 

Hours of Operation: 

  • Thursday-Monday – 5 PM-9:30 PM
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – Closed
  • Hours subject to change

Dress Code: Business casual attire is favored at MR CHOW. For men, polo or collared shirts with slacks are best. For women, upscale casual dress is preferred.  

Price: Couples can expect to pay between $250 and $400 for a meal with appetizers, entrees, and cocktails.

Caesars Rewards Dining Perks: Caesars Palace is a part of Caesars Entertainment, so if you’re a Caesars Rewards member, you can earn points for dining. Membership is free. You can even pay for your meal or part of it if you have enough points. You can find more information here at Caesars Rewards.

MR CHOW in Summary

MR CHOW is the best Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas for special occasions and elegant evenings on the town. They provide world-class service with a personalized touch that highlights the art of dining to bring you a memorable meal from start to finish.

In addition, the unique architecture creates an immersive experience you won’t soon forget. I hope this in-depth review was helpful, and thanks for checking us out here at the Las Vegas Report!

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