Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar is the most eclectic Chinese restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition to contemporary Asian cuisine, they also serve chef-driven sushi, have a kid’s menu, and offer an American buffet with bottomless mimosas every day until noon. 

Great for families, dates, celebrations, and groups, Chin Chin is the perfect place for any kind of casual meal.

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Modern Chinese Cuisine 

While Chin Chin offers an American buffet for breakfast and brunch, the menu transforms after Noon to bring you a collection of modern Asian cuisine. The following sections take an in-depth look at everything Chin Chin’s Chinese lunch and dinner menu has to offer so you can plan your meal to perfection.

The Menu at Chin Chin Las Vegas

Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar Menu – New York New York Las Vegas

Classic Rolls

At Chin Chin, sushi is the best way to start your meal, and they have plenty of crowd-pleasing favorites. The classic rolls menu portion features selections you’ve probably had before. However, their expert preparation makes them better than you remember. 

Choose between California, Shrimp Tempura, Vegetable, Fiery Tuna, Caterpillar, or my favorite, Rainbow. It is a California roll draped with avocado, shrimp, ahi, yellowtail, salmon, and soy mustard sauce. 

You’ll pay approximately $15 to $22 for these rolls.

Signature Rolls

Chin Chin offers a collection of signature rolls that are ideal for when you want something more unique. While the ingredient combinations are unexpected, they align perfectly to bring you a burst of flavor with every bite. I recommend trying the Hokey Pokey, prepared with shrimp tempura, crab, and cucumber wrapped in soy paper and then garnished with tuna poke, avocado, and three delectable sauces.

A screenshot of various sushi rolls from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

If you like spicy rolls, the Ragin’ Cajun is for you. It is constructed with spicy tuna, cucumber, seared Cajun spiced albacore, scallion, and a garlic ponzu drizzle. Other selections include Neo, Hawaiian, Paradise, Sunset, and Salmon on the Beach. 

Expect to pay about $22 to $25 for these rolls.

Specialty Rolls

The specialty rolls at Chin Chin are more elaborate than other sushi options. As a result, they feature stunning presentations and provide you with bright, bold flavors. Options include Volcano, Salmon Crunch, and Japanese Lasagna Roll. 

The most popular, Volcano, is made with several types of seafood, tasty sauces, and tempura crisps on top, bringing you lots of texture and intense flavors throughout.  

Specialty rolls cost $20 or $27.

Sushi & Sashimi 

The sushi and sashimi section of the menu features various types of fresh seafood that can be prepared as either nigiri or sashimi. These handcrafted morsels focus on the basics, bringing you simple yet impactful flavors.

A screenshot of various sushi and sashimi from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Choose between Salmon, Garlic Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Garlic Ahi Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Cajun Albacore Tuna, Yellowtail, Shrimp, and Barbecue Eel. When ordered as nigiri, you’ll get two pieces per order. If you prefer sashimi, you’ll receive three pieces per order.  

These selections cost $10 to $14.

Chef’s Creations

The Chef’s creations showcase some of the best sushi Chin Chin offers. Selections include Tuna Tataki, spicy Jalapeno Yellowtail, and Monkey Brain with spicy tuna, avocado, unagi sauce, and spicy mayo. Make sure to add one or more of these exceptional rolls to your meal.  

Expect to pay $21 or $22 for these creations.

Dim Sum

In addition to sushi, I recommend adding a dim sum selection or two to your meal. These dishes make great appetizers and share plates. The Barbecue Pork Baos, a fan favorite, comes with two pieces served on soft steamed buns and feature a mouth-watering sauce.

A screenshot of various dim sum dishes from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

This menu section also includes authentic fare like Spring Rolls, Chicken Pot Stickers, Steamed Edamame, spicy Szechuan Dumplings, Char Siu with roasted BBQ pork, and BBQ Pork Spare Ribs, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. 

Dim Sum selections cost approximately $10 to $12.

Soup & Salad

A screenshot of various soups and salads from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The soups and salads at Chin Chin make excellent appetizers if you prefer exciting textures and bold flavors. One of their signature dishes, the Chinese Chicken Salad, also makes a great choice if you desire a lighter lunch. It features a unique combination of ingredients, including fresh veggies, crispy rice noodles, wonton crisps, and house-made red ginger dressing. 

If you like spicy food, I recommend the Mein Mein Salad with a delicious peanut dressing. For soup, choose between Wonton Soup, Hot & Sour Soup, and Velvet Corn Soup. 

These starters cost $10 to $16.

Chicken Entrees 

Many of Chin Chin’s most popular signature dishes can be found in the chicken entree portion of the menu. They reimagine classics like Orange Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, and Kung Pao Chicken to bring you authentic favorites highlighted by decadent, flavorful sauces. 

Whether you like tangy, sweet, or savory, these dishes are for you. Other Chicken entrees include Kung Pao Wann, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Cashew Chicken, and Chicken & Snow Peas. 

Chicken entrees cost $18.50.

A screenshot of various chicken and beef dishes from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Beef Entrees 

Chin Chin’s beef entrees provide hearty, authentic options and much-loved favorites like Beef & Broccoli, Tangerine Beef, and Pepper Steak. The Mongolian Beef is another house specialty that shouldn’t be missed. It is made with tender flank steak, garlic, stalks of green onion, and a sweet-savory sauce, all on top of crispy rice noodles. 

These entrees will cost $18 or $20.

Seafood Entrees 

The seafood entrees at Chin Chin showcase traditional recipes and authentic preparation techniques. My favorite is the Crispy Spicy Honey Shrimp with scallions, red bell peppers, and chili peppers skillfully balanced with a sweet honey sauce. 

Additional options include classics like Sweet & Sour Shrimp, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Salt & Pepper Shrimp. 

Seafood entrees cost $19.

A screenshot of various seafood and vegetable entrees from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Vegetables Entrees 

Chin Chin’s vegetable entrees feature classic Chinese recipes with tasty brown or garlic sauce and are wok-seared or sauteed to perfection. These dishes are great for vegetarians and vegans, but they’re also perfect for rounding out a shared meal with friends or family. Choose between Fragrant Vegetables, Bok Choy, Szechuan Green Beans, Sauteed Broccoli, or Spinach with Garlic. 

You’ll pay $9 to $14 for vegetable plates. 


Rice dishes make an excellent accompaniment to any meal. You can add a side of brown or white steamed rice to your selections or opt for a more elaborate fried rice option. In addition to basic Fried Rice, Chin Chin also makes Pineapple Fried Rice and Yang Chow Fried Rice, which are filling enough to serve as a complete meal. If you like a blend of sweet and savory, I strongly recommend the Pineapple Fried Rice. 

Fried rice dishes cost $14 or $15, and plain steamed rice costs $3.

A screenshot of fried rice and noodle dishes from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.


Chin Chin offers a collection of traditional noodle dishes you know and love. They expertly prepare Peanut Noodles, Lo Mein, Chow Mein, and Chow Fun, simultaneously bringing you something familiar and elevated. For something more unique, try Anthony’s Special Noodles with shredded carrots tossed in spicy cilantro sauce and sliced chicken. 

Expect to pay between $17 and $19 for noodle plates. 

Kids Menu

Thanks to Chin Chin’s Kids Menu, ordering for the little ones in your group has never been easier. For just $7 or $8, they can enjoy Chicken Bites, Orange Chicken, Beef & Broccoli, or Lo Mein with chicken or veg. Each of these dishes comes in child-sized portions and doesn’t include anything unexpected that a picky eater would dislike. 


A screenshot of cocktails and beer from Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

At Chin Chin, you can enjoy a range of beverages from their full bar. To keep with the Asian theme, I recommend complementing your meal with one of their sake selections, a sake bomb, or a Dragon Fruit Mojito. However, if that’s not your style, they also serve bottled beer, draft beer, cocktails, and red, white, and sparkling wine. In addition, a range of standard non-alcoholic drinks is available.

Reservations at Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar

Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in New York New York Las Vegas uses the Opentable restaurant reservation platform, making it easy for diners to find availability, make a reservation, receive confirmation, and edit/cancel a reservation if plans change. 

Opentable doesn’t require you to create an account, but if you do, you can earn points each time you make a reservation and complete your dining experience. Points can be redeemed for various perks including Amazon Gift Cards!

Sleek and Modern with a Casual Vibe

A screenshot of the entrance and atmosphere at Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar in the New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Chin Chin has a chic, modern decor that creates a casual atmosphere for solo dining, date nights, families, groups, and more. With subdued lighting, unique design elements, and a bustling bar, it makes an excellent setting for a laid-back breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The space also features an open sushi bar where you can watch the chefs work their magic. 

Things To Know About Chin Chin in the NYNY Hotel 

Location: From the casino floor, head past the front desk towards the Century Elevators. Keep walking until you pass Il Fornaio. Chin Chin is around the corner on the left, before Gallagher’s. 

Hours of Operation: 

  • Monday-Thursday – 9 AM-11 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 8 AM-12 AM
  • American Breakfast Buffet – Daily until 12 PM
  • Hours subject to change

Dress Code: The dress code at Chin Chin is casual. Feel free to stop in wearing shorts, sandals, tank tops, or chic attire. All are welcome. 

Price: At Chin Chin, couples can expect to pay between $75 and $150 for a meal with appetizers, sushi, entrees, and alcoholic drinks.

MGM Rewards Dining Perks: The New York New York is a part of MGM Resorts, so if you’re an MGM Rewards member, you can earn or redeem points for dining at Chin Chin. MGM Rewards membership is free. You can find more information here at MGM Resorts – MGM Rewards.

Chin Chin in Summary

From chef-driven sushi to dim sum to modern Chinese entrees, Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar has everything you could want when it comes to a laid-back Asian meal. The sleek decor paired with tasty fare also makes it highly accommodating to varying preferences and tastes. They also serve an American buffet until noon, so they’ve got you covered all day. I hope this in-depth review was helpful, and thanks for checking us out here at the Las Vegas Report!

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